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We produce quality meatPremium
At Abuelo Julio we produce premium quality meat, something that can be seen in our varied catalog of products.

We do

Our product is the result of a long tradition. The dedication we bring to the processes only translates into the quality of our meat. We are an extension of our land, that is why we seek total harmony with nature. We produce premium quality meat following a complete cycle approach, which allows us to follow  each step of the production process in the field.



We base this program on two basic pillars: the development of our own genetic nucleus and joint work to help local producers reach the highest standards of quality and efficiency.


A breed that adapts to the rusticity of our fields will guarantee the quality of a meat that adapts to the demands of any market.


At Abuelo Julio we have a close relationship with nature, guaranteeing that environmental factors do not overcome the animal's physical and psychological control mechanisms.​


We seek to develop habitat, grazing and rest conditions that respect the nature of their species.


We supply clean and fresh water at all times in the entire field. This is achieved by a constant flow from the mills to the tanks and drinkers. In addition, these spaces have cement floors so that they do not step on the mud when they approach them.

good practices

We know that good farming practices are essential. That is why with the use of flags and calm handling, we follow the natural behavior of the bovine´s basic impulses. Our intention is to achieve a balance between the essentials of nature and our breeding traditions.

productive efficiency

At Abuelo Julio we follow a Quality Control Plan. This process integrates the sum of links that make up our production system, with the aim of constantly improving and continuing to capture the expression of our field.

Doña Ñata

Through our Cabaña Doña Ñata we produce and raise our own steers of excellent quality as well as accompany the regional development of producers who seek to increase their quality standards. The Braford breed continues to grow in Argentina. We work with a focus on data and we are proud to be part of this movement.

from the field
to the table

We have a Quality and Origin Protocol from the field to the table to maintain and enhance the standards requested by the most demanding markets. This is how we seek to project the history of our region in the world.

Abuelo Julio in the market

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