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About Us

We founded Abuelo Julio because we inherited something that only has value if it is shared. We are the 4th generation of producers who bet on livestock and the production of premium meats. A family in constant learning that continues to walk the path that, decades ago, marked the beginning of Abuelo Julio.


We are our land and what it gives us. We understand nature and we want to share what our ancestors learned. We come to quality through tradition. From our first steps in the production and export of meat, and then also in genetic development. At Abuelo Julio today we intend to lead a style in the production and marketing of excellent meats from Argentina to the world.


Our path is that of Argentine premium meat and that is why we want to bring our experience and the secrets of the Argentine countryside to every corner of the world. 


The Braford and Angus breed, since its inception in our country, has become synonymous with adaptation to adverse terrain and expansion of livestock to places with rigorous conditions:  the result of a search to cover the large extensions of land that today synthesizes the traditional feeling of Argentine livestock. Efficiency, resistance and docile temperament. In a trajectory of growth without interruption, the breed has positioned itself to satisfy an increasingly demanding demand.

From Abuelo Julio we know the signs of nature, that is why we seek constant adaptation to its conditions.

Image by Gautier fenestraz

We inherit something that only has value if its shared.

This is why from Abuelo Julio we work to bring the best of Argentina to the world.


We are members and actively participate in the Argentine Roundtable for Sustainable Beef, which represents our country at the world table -Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef- and constantly executes planning and process improvement actions, guaranteeing animal welfare in each instance. development.


Roots, heritage and quality.

Located in San José de Feliciano, province of Entre Ríos, Argentina, we project an experience that brings our roots and heritage closer to the most demanding markets.

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