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Abuelo Julio was born from the dream of our people, thus beginning a long livestock tradition in the vast Argentine territory. We develop and export premium meat following the authentic expression of the gaucho tradition.


We are attentive to technological innovation applied to livestock. This allows us to export more than 50 tons of meat per month to the world, entering the most demanding markets thanks to compliance with the most demanding standards.

Abuelo Julio in the world

We produce and export premium meat to the most demanding global markets. We are providers of experiences in more than 15 countries.


Halal & Kosher

We believe in the Braford, we adopt the best farming practices with new technologies and data analysis for the development of a genetic nucleus.


We provide trust. Our meats are validated through the blockchain, which allows complete traceability of all production processes, from the field to the table, ensuring consumer and producer confidence. Our product comes with a QR code that will allow you validate all the information.


Producing sustainable and environmentally friendly meat is one of our main objectives. For this, through concrete actions, we seal our commitment to mitigate the impact that the activity has on the environment.


We understand as a business model a system that allows us to share our values and keep our roots alive. How do we do it? With premium quality products.

Productive Process

Abuelo Julio production process ensures quality, traceability, safety and continuous supply from the breeding and genetic development of the Braford to the table, prioritizing good practices and respecting each step.

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