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The original
expression of
the traditional

Abuelo Julio is a family business dedicated to livestock activity in Argentina. Following a complete production cycle, we work to improve the genetics of our animals and to help other livestock producers achieve high standards.

The best of Argentina to the world

We produce and export premium meat to the most demanding global markets. We are providers of experiences in more than 15 countries.

Braford genetics and technology

We believe in the Braford, we adopt the best farming practices with new technologies and data analysis for the development of a genetic nucleus.

Value ecosystem

Producing sustainable and environmentally friendly meat is one of our main objectives. For this, through concrete actions, we seal our commitment to mitigate the impact that the activity has on the environment.

Abuelo Julio



Premium Beef


About Abuelo Julio

We founded Abuelo Julio because we inherited something that only has value if it is shared. We are the 4th generation of producers who bet on livestock and the production of premium meats. From our beginnings, we prioritize constant development and learning, being aware that the environment around us is dynamic and changing, like the people and animals that inhabit it.

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This breed is synonymous with adaptability and growth. Grandpa Julio is synonymous with quality. The capacity for growth and vigor of our genetic nucleus make possible a livestock oriented to great results. Through embryo transfer we seek to adapt our system to any global destination.

We inherit something that only has value if it is shared

Cabaña Doña Ñata

We are breeders of the breed that grows the most. Everything is part of the same plan. It´s all part of our traditions. From our Cabaña Doña Ñata we work focused on data and we are proud to be part of this movement.

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From field to table

Nos ocupamos de que todos nuestros productos tengan atenta supervisión en cada paso del sistema de producción, industrialización y comercialización de ganados y carnes. Es por esto que buscamos llevar una experiencia única a cada mesa.

Everything is born from a dream: that of our grandparents.

Heritage and tradition

We are our land and what it gives us. We understand nature and we want to share what our ancestors learned. We come to quality through tradition. From our first steps in the production and export of meat, and then also in genetic development. At Abuelo Julio today we intend to lead a style in the production and marketing of excellent meats from Argentina to the world.

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Argentine Premium Meat

We are a company that produces quality beef generated in a sustainable and efficient way with years of experience in the production industry and the development of new strategies to insert the best Premium Meats from Argentina in the most demanding markets.


With an extended and complete traceability product, our name accompanies the growth of this industry on a global level.


We have a lot to tell you, we want you to know the traditions of Argentine soil with an experience that only Grandpa Julio can bring.

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