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Braford means growth. And Grandpa Julio bears that name to the world. Year after year we become more and more convinced of one thing: every detail counts. This breed grows and adapts to the most extreme conditions. It adapts taking great steps and positioning itself as one of the most sought after.


Braford means high production even in adverse environmental conditions, which translates into greater efficiency in the conversion of grass into meat, greater resistance to diseases, less selectivity to grazing, recognized fertility, ease of calving, maternal ability, longevity, docile temperament and a great plasticity.


These characteristics make the Braford a fundamental tool for livestock production both in the marginal areas of the north and in the humid pampas and foothills. From Abuelo Julio we promote genetics and its qualities in the most demanding markets in the world.


from the field
to the table

genetics and technology

genetics and technology

We believe in the Braford breed and its growth in Argentina. Through new technologies we adopt the best livestock practices with digital management and data analysis for the development of a genetic nucleus.

productive efficiency

We prioritize work within a valuable ecosystem: we help small and medium producers to develop and improve their herds with a comprehensive advice and support plan at each step of breeding.

balance and tranquility

We know that good livestock management is essential. That is why with the use of flags and calm handling, we follow the natural behavior of the bovine´s basic impulses. Our intention is to achieve a balance between the essentials of nature and the uniqueness of our breeding traditions.


from the field

We have a Quality and Origin Protocol from the field to the table to maintain and enhance the standards requested by the most demanding markets. This is how we seek to project the history of our region in the world.

Heritage & Tradition

Abuelo Julio was born from the dream of our people, thus beginning a long livestock tradition in the vast Argentine territory. We develop and export premium meat following the authentic expression of the gaucho tradition.

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